Large plastic housings

If there's one sector that sets high standards when it comes to plastic housings, it's the electronics industry. In many cases components not only have to be impact-proof, dustproof or waterproof, but also need precisely the right qualities when it comes to rigidity and electrical resistance. 

Compliance with standards and your own specifications

Ensuring precise dimensions and choosing the right material are essential with this kind of product. That's why many electronic equipment manufacturers call on the services of HSV TMP's plastic experts, especially when it comes to large housings and consoles. We can manufacture housings weighing up to 25 kg, while ensuring, of course, that they comply with the relevant standards.

We will be happy to offer constructive advice to help you develop a durable housing that meets all your specifications. Like to know more about our solutions for the electronics sector? If so, please contact us.


Would you like an initial indication of the feasibility of a product and the associated costs and lead times? Then request a Plastic Quickscan – a free and non-binding check performed by our experts on the basis of your provisional design.


Examples from day-to-day practice

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