At HSV TMP we not only keep a close eye on developments within our own specialist field, but also on trends on our customers' markets. Our aim is to be ahead of the game in anticipating what our customers and our customers' customers will need.

Air-conditioning systems

An increasing number of air-conditioning and ventilation system manufacturers are opting for plastic over metal components. This is a logical development, as plastic components are lighter, corrosion-resistant and require hardly any finishing. Safe, energy-efficient solutions.

Machine- en apparatenbouw

Machinery and equipment construction

Margins are under pressure, while ever-greater demands are being made in terms of performance. This calls for a flexible approach and creative solutions – from machine and equipment manufacturers, but also from their suppliers.


If there’s one sector that sets high standards when it comes to plastic housings, it’s the electronics industry. In many cases components not only have to be impact-proof, dustproof or waterproof, but also need precisely the right qualities when it comes to rigidity and electrical resistance.

Medical & analytical

Medical & analytical

A sector that presents a huge challenge for plastic component suppliers, as everything about your products has to be just right – from the quality of the finish, scratch resistance, shielding, and the resilience and dimensions of the product through to ease of use.

Duurzame energie

Renewable energy

Plastic can play an important role in the development of renewable energy – by making it possible to reduce the cost of installing solar panels, for example. We are keen to use our passion for plastics to help make the world a more sustainable place.



From greenhouse horticulture through to the food industry, entrepreneurs and organisations in the agricultural sector are constantly striving to optimise their processes. HSV TMP supports the sector in this area by developing innovative, durable plastic products.



Products and systems used in public spaces not only need to be weather-proof and vandal-proof – ideally they should also be durable and require little maintenance. That’s why plastic is increasingly becoming the material of choice for infrastructure applications too.

Above we have focused on just a handful of the many different sectors in which our customers are active. We also develop plastic products for a wide range of other sectors. Like to know more about our solutions for your specific sector? If so, please contact us.