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We develop and manufacture large plastic products using injection moulding

Our range includes fittings, housings and other components

ervaring met kunststof Are you looking for an injection moulding provider to create large plastic fittings, housings or other components for you? A partner who can draw on its practical experience to support you with the development of your plastic products?

At HSV TMP we have decades of experience in the development of plastic components and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the materials and techniques required. 

We work with you in every way

Many different factors play a role in the successful development of a plastic product: the choice of material, the production technique employed, the price/quality ratio of the mould, the cost price of the finished product, etc. 

That means a good product is always the result of teamwork: the interaction between disciplines such as R&D, product design, marketing & sales, purchasing, logistics and quality assurance. We will support you through this process from start to finish.

For developers

Quickly check the feasibility of designs

Wilfred Cornelissen Technical Director Wilfred Cornelissen Technical Director

Are you in the process of developing a product? Would you like an opinion on the feasibility of your ideas? Our free Plastic Quickscan will give you a quick answer to the most important questions.

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For purchasers

Cut costs smartly

Chris Megens Sales Manager    Chris Megens  Sales Manager

Do you want to cut costs without compromising on quality? By working with you to examine feasibility at an early stage, we can significantly reduce the cost price of components.

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For everyone

Welcome to HSV TMP!

Menno Krommenhoek director Menno Krommenhoek Director

We are an open and uncomplicated organisation made up of enthusiastic professionals with a passion for plastics. We look forward to getting to know your organisation and finding out your ideas!

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Case studies: examples from day-to-day practice

No two projects are the same, but in many cases a development and production process follows a number of standard, recognisable steps. We have therefore provided a number of examples from our day-to-day practice to illustrate our approach.



Solar panel for the 21st century

“We got HSV TMP involved at an early stage of the product development process. The result was a perfect, lightweight solution for installing our PV modules on roofs.”

12 month lead time

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Cable ducts

“The Quickscan revealed that we would be better off using a different material for our cable ducts. HSV TMP also managed to make the construction lighter and thinner, helping us cut our costs significantly in the area of logistics.”

50% more products per truck

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Flux Furniture

Flux Furniture

Foldable chairs

“The design presented a huge challenge from a production perspective. We are therefore delighted that HSV TMP's R&D team worked with us closely. That helped us save a great deal of time and expense.”

3 design awards

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Our customers include:

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