Cookies are used on many websites. A cookie is a small file that is saved to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are also used to collect statistics, to show more targeted advertisements, to like and share on social networks and to remember passwords so that users to not have to re-enter their password over and over again.

Dutch Cookie law

The Dutch Cookie legislation came into effect on 5 June 2012. This law provides that users must be asked for their permission before using cookies. This law is controversial because the Netherlands is one of the few countries that require permission beforehand.


This site complies with the Dutch Cookie legislation; we do not install any cookies without receiving permission to do so. We do however install functional cookies that are needed for parts of the website to function. Permission is not required for this.

Cookies on this site: Google

Cookies are installed via this website by Google to collect visitor statistics. Read the Google privacy statement (which may change regularly) to read what they do with the data that they acquire via cookies.