Embedded within our organisation

To ensure our products meet our customers' specifications and all legal requirements, quality is deeply embedded within our organisation and processes. We guarantee the quality of our products and the reliability of our deliveries with the help of a certified quality management system. 

ISO certification as the backbone of our quality management system

Our ISO certification forms the backbone of our quality management system. It goes without saying that we are certified in accordance with ISO 9000. In 1992 we also became one of the first plastic-processing companies in the Netherlands to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate.

Updates and additional systems 

We update our quality management system on an ongoing basis to ensure we always comply with the latest requirements. Alongside our own system, we regularly make use of additional systems for specific disciplines, such as the medical or air-conditioning sectors.

Customer audits

Audits are conducted at our production locations on a regular basis, both by new and existing customers. We are always open to talking about quality and you are very welcome to audit our processes yourself.

Like to know more about our quality systems?

Our Quality Manager will be happy to help!

Corno Groeneweg
Quality Manager
+31 - 318 648991 quality-tmp@hsv.nl