Product development

Take full advantage of our specialist knowledge

Many customers involve us in product development at an early stage of the process. That enables them to take full advantage of our knowledge of plastics and production techniques, as well as the know-how of the production partners who make up our network, including engineering firms, material suppliers, mould manufacturers and prototype builders.

Better quality
lower costs

Before a product is actually manufactured, there are 4 different phases to go through. During these phases we will be happy to offer constructive advice on the feasibility of your product. This will help you improve the quality of your products as well as achieve significant cost savings.

1. Concept development

Our starting point is that you know all about your market and we know all about plastics. If we combine these two areas of expertise, we can create excellent and successful products. Many of the components we have produced in recent years started out as little more than a rough product idea brought to us by a customer.

2. Feasibility study

Do you already have a prototype? If so, we can test its feasibility straight away, either with the help of a short Plastic Quickscan or a more detailed study. During this phase we will help you translate requirements into technical specifications, advise you on the choice of material, think about manufacturability and present a guide price. We can even do this on the basis of a sketch or a simple CAD model.

3. Quotation stage

If you have a detailed product design or existing product, we can generally issue a quotation straight away, which will be broken down into mould costs and a price for the products. We will always tell you if we can see any room for improvement in the product design that will make it possible to increase product quality and/or lower production costs. At this stage we also frequently perform a mould flow analysis.

4. Engineering

Before we start mould production, our engineers will talk to your engineers to ensure that all designs have been worked out down to the last detail. Here we will look at the exact mould structure, perform precise mould flow calculations and consider aspects such as draft angles. Strength analyses can also form part of the engineering phase.

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