Your products transported safely and cost-effectively

Transporting products between our factory and our customer and/or our customer's customers is an important link in the value chain. By ensuring that trucks are loaded in the most efficient way and products are packaged smartly we can reduce logistics costs and make sure products arrive undamaged.

Lower transport costs thanks to smart product design and carefully considered packaging solutions

Many of our customers involve us in product development at an early stage of the process. One major advantage of doing so is that we can also consider the implications that the design will have when it comes to packaging and transport. In many cases, by making small changes to the product, we can achieve substantial savings in the area of logistics costs. 

A single source for your product and packaging

As well as supplying plastic components, with the help of our sister company HSV Moulded Foams we can also produce the packaging for these components ourselves – in EPS and EPP. That means you can obtain both your products and their protective packaging from a single source.

Additional savings on packaging materials

We often supply plastic housings to our customers in the final product packaging. This packaging can therefore be reused when you dispatch the fully assembled finished product.

Like to know more about our logistics solutions?

Our Logistics Manager will be happy to help!

Fred Keus
Logistics Manager
+31 - 318 648991 logistics-tmp@hsv.nl