Core Values

The way we do business

We are convinced that our customers not only work with us because of the products we supply, but also because of the way we do business. We have broken down this approach into 4 core values.

We enjoy creating high-quality plastic products

  1. A passion for plastics. If you do business with HSV TMP, you will be working together with a group of enthusiastic professionals. We enjoy creating high-quality plastic products and will be happy to help you get everything possible out of the available materials and techniques.
  2. Lasting partnerships. Building lasting partnerships with our customers is extremely important to us. We consider transparent processes, open communication and the delivery of reliable products to be the pillars on which such a lasting relationship is built.
  3. Flexible and uncomplicated. We have a flat organisational structure with direct lines of communication with our customers. When we are developing solutions for our customers, meeting their wishes and requirements takes precedence over following a particular process. If something doesn't work one way, we are more than happy to try a different approach.
  4. Innovative and dynamic. We see ourselves as one of the global leaders within our particular market – that for large, injection-moulded, plastic products. That's why we keep a close eye on developments within our specialist field. We also invest a great deal not only in the latest technology, but also in training our employees and developing their knowledge.

Like to know more about HSV TMP?

Our Director will be happy to help!

Menno Krommenhoek
Managing Director
+31 - 318 648991